Ahmed Shammoon


Ahmed Shamoon is a versatile professional, possessing expertise in various fields, including law, business administration, tourism, and environmental sciences. Shamoon holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sharia and Law, a Diploma in Sharia and Law and one in Business Administration from UBIS. As a Consultant at Wisham, Zahir & Co., Shammoon leverages his legal expertise to provide strategic solutions to clients. He specializes in commercial law, corporate law, labor law, and dispute resolution. He is the Managing Director at Branch Maldives Pvt Ltd, responsible for managing and consulting on tourism investments. He also serves as the Chairman of Executive Recruitment International Pvt Ltd, actively filtering recruits and placing top talent in Maldivian companies. Additionally, Shamoon leads a team of professionals at Executive Travel & Tours Pvt Ltd as the company’s chairman, providing exceptional tourism related services to clients. Notable titles he previously held include; Coordinator at the Ministry of Environment and Energy, Millennium Youth Ambassador and Media Committee Member at RAFY NGO, and Vice President at JCI Kaafu, Managing Director of Branch Maldives Pvt Ltd, Coordinator at the Ministry of Tourism.

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